Social Sciences at the forefront at the University Lille-III [fr]

The University Lille-III will be creating a Learning Center devoted to Egyptology, Archeology and Social Sciences, thereby attesting to its dynamic and innovating policy to promote Humanities and Social Sciences. This project will receive up to 48 million euros in French governmental funding – the State contributing up to 16 million euros, the Region of Nord-Pas de Calais up to 30 million euros, and the District (Département du Nord) up to 2 million euros. Resulting from long-standing discussions with the Region and the State, this project will promote dynamic research and communication, and will assist the university in identifying new avenues for development.

By 2020, following an architectural design competition, a 9500 m2 Learning Center will be built in Villeneuve d’Ascq, at the entrance of the university campus in Pont de Bois. At the heart of the Learning Center and linked to the specialized libraries network on the campus, a resource center containing 1 million 200,000 volumes in multiple languages will stimulate research in humanities and social sciences. The building will host dedicated working spaces, scientific and cultural events venues for the university’s laboratories, a welcome area, and will offer various services (including orientation sessions, oral and written presentation skills workshops, etc.)Multiple online services will also be available, such as online archives, resource kits, etc.). The Learning Center has already launched an entire website dedicated to Egyptology.


  1. End of 2015: Architectural design competition
  2. 2016: Selection of the architectural design competition winner
  3. May 2017: Finalisation of architectural studies
  4. End of October 2017: Selection of the companies to be involved in the building process
  5. 2018-2020 : Building works

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