Online educational content for learning or teaching French

Learning French online will enable you to understand today’s French as it is spoken throughout the world, learn to look at and analyse images, enrich your vocabulary, test your grammatical knowledge, find out about French-speaking cultures.


- Parlons français, c’est facile !: It is the French cultural network’s website raising awareness of French. It has been financed by the Ministère des Affaires étrangères (MAE). Let yourself be guided by the webdocs and discover life in France through the eyes of four characters. As you go, workshops and games will help you to understand, learn and practise French.
- Enseigner le français avec TV5 Monde: Hundreds of handouts, worksheets…

RFI (Radio France Internationale)

The French public radio doesn’t just broadcast in French, but teach and promote it too. Broadcast on RFI’s foreign language service, their bilingual series offer non-French-speaking listeners an introduction to the language or the chance to hone their skills. Ranging from suspense stories via literary greats to French chanson, they are an original way to understand the workings of the language.

Le fil du bilingue

This website, dedicated to bilingual francophone education in Europe, was created by the French Ministry for European and Foreign Affairs, along with the CIEP (Centre international d’études pédagogiques) and the Association for the Development of Bi/multilingual Teaching (ADEB, Association pour le développement de l’enseignement bi/plurilingue). Its main objective is to provide teachers and partner education authorities with the opportunity to enhance their actions of promotion of bilingual francophone education as well as to allow them to gain access to specific resources.


This website was created by the International organisation of la Francophonie. You can find hundreds of handouts, worksheets…

European Centre for Modern Languages’s website

It provides free educational content such as plurilingual materials in English and French.

Le plaisir d’apprendre

This website was created by CAVILAM in Vichy. It provides many educational kits (including songs, short films, radio broadcasts, etc.)

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