Learn French in France: the 2014 guide of accredited centres [fr]

The Qualité français langue étrangère label was created in 2007 by ministerial decree. It gives the public, linguistic cooperation stakeholders, educational staff and managers, etc. guarantees about those centers in France which provide high-quality French lessons and welcome services.

After an audit of the applicant centre, the label is awarded by an interministerial commission (French Ministry of Higher Education and Research, Ministry of Culture and Communication and Ministry of Foreign Affairs).

The 2014 guide lists 78 accredited centres all around France.

For more information on the accredited centres and the label ’Qualité français langue étrangère’ (in French):
- www.qualitefle.fr
- twitter.com/Label_FLE
- facebook.com/label.fle

To find out more about your stay in France, please get in touch with your nearest Campus France branch: www.campusfrance.org.

Dernière modification : 17/09/2015

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