Introduction to the Cultural Office

The Cultural Office is responsible for the implementation and development of bilateral cooperation between France and Australia in the following domains:

Cultural and Artistic Cooperation

- organisation tours for visiting French artists in conjunction with festival and arts organisations and the Alliances Françaises
- support for co-productions and artistic residences of French artists
- support for Australian arts representatives in France

Promotion of French Literature and Publications

- organisaning tours for visiting French writers in conjunction with Australian universities and the Alliances Françaises
- promotion of French publications (co-productions, translations) with distributors and publishers

Audiovisual Cooperation

- support for the French Film Festival organised by the Alliances Françaises
- support for other film festivals within Australian to promote the presence and distribution of French films in Australia
- promotion of French televison programs and the broadcast of French televison stations via cable or satellite
- support for French language radio programs in Australia (Association of French-Language Radio Presenters of Australia: AAPREFA)

Contact us:

Tel: (02) 6216 0136
Fax: (02) 6216 0156
E-mail: culture.canberra-amba(a)

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