French Study Tour for 7 Australian Universities [fr]

A delegation of seven Australian universities including ANU, the University of Sydney, UNSW, UWA, the University of Adelaide, UTS and the University of Wollongong, has completed a “study tour” in Paris on 22 and 23 September 2014.

Shelagh Whittleston (OCDE) ; Sandra Nitschke (ANU) ; Linda Addison (ANU) ; Lea Hill (The University of Adelaide) ; Michelle Koffod (UNSW) ; Emmet O’Sullivan (The University of Sydney) ; Simon Watson (UTS) ; Milly Ingate (UWA) ; Hal Evecan (The University of Wollongong) ; Arnaud Raynouard (Université Paris-Dauphine) ; Nicolas Duarte (Université Paris-Dauphine) ; Catherine Hodeir (Embassy of France in Australia). Also present but not featured in this photograph: Claire Bourke (Austrade).

The delegation was received by four Parisian universities - Sciences Po (Idex USPC), the University Paris-Dauphine (Idex PSL), the University Pierre et Marie Curie (Idex SUPER) and the University Paris-Saclay (Idex Paris-Saclay). Existing partnerships were strengthened and new partnerships are now being developed following this study tour.

Simon Watson (UTS) ; Milly Ingate (UWA) ; Emmet O’Sullivan (The University of Sydney) ; Michelle Koffod (UNSW) ; Sandra Nitschke (ANU) ; Catherine Hodeir (Embassy of France in Australia) ; Linda Addison (ANU) ; Hal Evecan (The University of Wollongong).

The COMUE Idex, especially that of Paris-Saclay, are regarded by Australia as model clusters integrating higher education, research and industry.

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