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Family help employees, commonly called au pairs, are generally young foreign females or males who come to France to improve their proficiency in French and to expand their understanding of French culture and civilisation by working for a French family.

In order to obtain this status which jointly solves the problem of accommodation and employment, you must:

Have obtained the temporary work permit

- Be between the ages of 18 and 30 and single.
- Have some knowledge of French language.
- Be enrolled in a recognised institution for the study of the French language or French culture and civilisation.
- Take the job for 10 months, corresponding to the length of an academic year, or for 6 months if beginning in January, or for one to three months in the summer without attending classes. The maximum permitted duration is eighteen months.
- Employees agree to work 5 hours per day: child minding and/or ordinary household work - heavy work is not allowed. You are entitled to one day off per week, including at least one Sunday per month. Not being salaried, you are not entitled to paid vacations.
- In return, employees are given board and lodging, and are entitled to a monthly sum of between 225 and 267 Euros. In the Paris region the host family generally pays for the au pair’s Carte Orange, the monthly public transport ticket.
- There are many variations of this formula, agreed in conjunction with the host family.

Au pair visas

Please contact:

The Consulate of France in Sydney:

Consulat General de France
Level 26, St Martins Tower
31 Market Street
Sydney NSW 2000
Telephone: (02) 9261 5779
Fax: (02) 9283 1210

Au pair agencies

The following list offers several examples of officially recognised au pair agencies in France:

Comité parisien de l’Association Catholique des Services Jeunesse Féminine
70 Avenue Denfer Rochereau
75014 Paris
Séjours Internationaux Linguistiques et Culturels
32 Rempart de l’Est
Tel: 0011 33 5 4597 4100
Fax: 0011 33 5 4595 4110


UFAAP (Union Française des Associations Au Pair) provides a list of au-pair agencies)


27 rue de Lisbonne
75008 Paris
Tel: 0011 33 1 45 63 35 53
Fax: 00 11 33 1 56 59 66 35
Butterfly et Papillon
5 avenue de Genève
74000 ANNECY
Tel: 00 11 33 4 5067 0133
Tel: 00 11 33 4 5046 0833
Fax: 00 11 33 4 5067 0351
Alliance Française
101 Boulevard Raspail
75006 Paris

For more information:

Please note that:

- The use of the organisations listed above may incur service charges.
- The costs generally vary depending on how long you intend to work in France as an au pair (ie how long will you need to be placed in a French family).
- None of these organisations can guarantee automatic placement and waiting lists are often quite long
- The Embassy of France does not endorse any organisation.

Therefore, please plan well ahead if you wish to be an au pair with a French family.

Other jobs for foreign students or travellers

Some associations are able to offer foreign students or travellers positions as monitors/counsellors in holiday camps. The candidate must be able to speak reasonable French and be over 17 years old. He/She must possess the diploma "Brevet d’Aptitude aux Fonctions d’Animateur" (BAFA) which can be studied and obtained at several organisations, two of which are listed below.

Union Française des Centres de Vacances et de Loisirs (UFCV)
10 Quai de la Charente
75019 Paris
Tel: 00 11 33 1 4472 1414
Fax: 00 11 33 1 4034 5349
Fédération Sportive et Culturelle de France (FSCF)
22 rue Oberkampf
75011 Paris
Tel: 0011 33 1 4338 5057
Fax: 00 11 33 1 4314 0665


Preparation of the BAFA consists of three sessions:

- General instruction (8 days approx.)
- Practical (14 days approx.)
- Competency (6-8 days approx.)

- While you will be paid for the practical session, the costs for general instruction and the competency session are approximately 380 Euros each. This does however include food and lodging.
- Please note that organisations offering the BAFA cannot always guarantee you a placement in a holiday camp for the practical stage.
- For further information on the BAFA please consult the Web Site of the Ministry for Youth and Sport (Ministère de la Jeunesse et des Sports) at: (see "Diplôme non professionnels")


Each Centre Régional des Oeuvres Universitaires et Scolaires (CROUS) has a service called Emplois Temporaires pour les Etudiants (ETE), which proposes thousands of temporary jobs for students every year. Nevertheless, demand outstrips supply.


Another way of finding out what sort of work is available for young people in France is to consult either the "Phosphore" Web Site or the "Douce France" Web Site at : &

These sites contain an up to date list of jobs and work experience available to young people in France, including Internet links to various job agencies, as well as extensive information on how to go about finding work in France.

**Remember in order to be eligible for any of these positions, you must have a current temporary work permit.**

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