Assistantships in New Caledonia

The Vice Rectorate of New Caledonia will offer four English Language Assistant positions in 2016. This is a wonderful opportunity to discover New Caledonia and its culture, and to improve your French.

The 2016 campaign for the English Language Assistant positions is now closed. Applications will open on 14 June 2015.


This programme is aimed at students who intend to become French or English language teachers, or teachers with little to no experience. It is not meant for experienced teachers.


Candidates must be Australian citizens. Permanent residents are not eligible.

Candidates should be between 20 and 35 years of age at the time of taking up their positions (from the end of March 2017). They should also preferably be single, as the salary of an assistant is not adequate to support dependents.

Candidates must be enrolled at university at the time of application, and they must have completed at least two years of university studies.

Role of the Assistant

Tasks to be carried out by the assistant include:

  • Providing help in the classroom in oral and written English with small groups of students for 12 hours every week.
  • Providing linguistic and cultural assistance to teachers.
  • Making recordings on tape for the audio-visual resources of the school’s library.

Download the description of the programme
Download the application form
Download the teacher’s appraisal form

Applications should reach the Embassy by close of business on 14 September 2015

Send to:

Ariane Defreine
Embassy of France
Higher Education Office - English Language Assistants in New Caledonia
6 Perth Avenue
ACT 2600

Late or incomplete applications will not be accepted. Please ensure all copies are collated and stapled together and that there are no loose sheets or photos with your application.

NB: Cancellation of an appointment, except for valid medical or family reasons (certificate required) will disqualify the candidate from applying the following year.

Once selected - what’s next

Information will be available once the selection has been made.

Please consider applying for the English language assistantship programme in Metropolitan France and Overseas Departments

If you have any questions, please send an email to:

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