Applications for the Nicolas Baudin Grants are now closed.

The Nicolas Baudin Grants are travel grants designed to encourage Australian students to study for a semester or a full academic year in France. This travel grant from the Embassy of France is worth $2,300.


The 2016-2017 application campaign is now closed. Applications for the 2017-2018 will open in early 2017.

The Nicolas Baudin grants are designed to encourage Australian nationals to study for a semester or a full academic year at a French university at undergraduate level (3rd year), postgraduate level (master 1 or 2: years 4 or 5 of university studies, or PhD). The grant is for the sum of $2,300 AUD. The successful applicants will be granted 90% of the amount upfront ($2,070 AUD), with the final 10% ($230 AUD) to be paid upon the reception by the Embassy of France in Australia of the successful applicants completed report, in the form of a questionnaire. Enrolment in a French university will afford Nicolas Baudin grant winners the same benefits enjoyed by French students (except for social security).

The applicants must present a study project at undergraduate or postgraduate level.

Two frameworks of studies are available:

A) Study abroad programs in France for students registered at an Australian university
Duration of the program: a semester or a full academic year

1. Undergraduate / Honours / Masters Students
The student undertakes courses at a French university as part of an official exchange agreement between his/her Australian university and the French university selected. Credit for the courses undertaken in France counts towards the Australian institution’s degree and no separate degree is granted by the French institution.

2. PhD level
The student undertakes courses or research at a French university as part of an official exchange agreement between his/her Australian university and the French university selected. Note that this is not for cotutelle students but for PhD students enrolled solely in an Australian institution who need access to expertise and/or materials housed in France. The student will obtain an Australian degree at the end of his/her study, but not a French degree.


  • For courses taught in French, demonstrate a sufficient working knowledge of French.
  • For Undergraduate / Honours / Masters students / PhD students undertaking a course work program in France: Evidence of the candidate’s selection by his/her university to participate in a study abroad program as well as evidence of acceptance in the French university where the applicant intends to study.
  • The grant is open to students in all fields and disciplines.

B) One year full registration in a French university
(Part of the required years for obtaining a French master degree)
This framework of study fits the profile of a student seeking to pursue studies at Master 1 or Master 2 level (students will obtain a French degree at the end of their studies).

Requirements for application:
Evidence of acceptance from the French university that the applicant intends to study at.


  • The Nicolas Baudin grant is now available to students who wish to undertake a study program taught in English in a French university. Whilst in this context, a working knowledge of French is no longer a pre-requisite to undertake studies in France, students will greatly enhance their chance of selection if they supply evidence of prior knowledge of French (ie study transcripts showing French courses undertaken) or else evidence of some efforts to learn or brush up on their French by either attending a course before their departure to France, or enrolling into one during their stay in France.
  • Due to the current focus by the French Government and the Australian Government on Innovation, we will pay particular attention to study projects relating to the theme of innovation (all fields included).
  • Please note that students in cotutelle cannot apply for the Nicolas Baudin travel grants.
  • The Nicolas Baudin grants are only given for one year and cannot be renewed.
  • A report, in the form of a questionnaire, will be asked of the successful Nicolas Baudin Grant applicants at the end of their studies in France. The completion of this report is compulsory in order to obtain the final 10% ($230 AUD) of the grant. This report must be completed at the end of the successful applicants stay in France and sent to the Embassy of France in Australia by email. Those who do not complete this report to a satisfactory level will not receive the final 10% ($230 AUD).
  • Please note that all insurance requirements will be the responsibility of the successful applicant – this includes medical / accident, travel etc.

For more information on the Nicolas Baudin Grant please download the description of the program.
To apply for the Nicolas Baudin Grant, please download the application form.

Please send your application for the Nicolas Baudin Grant no later than the close of business on May 16 2016 to:

Embassy of France
c/o Eleanor Harley
Higher Education Office – Nicolas Baudin Grants
6 Perth Avenue
ACT 2600

If you have any questions, please send an email to:, but first have a look at the FAQ.

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