Alliances Françaises Network

The Cultural Section of the Embassy of France
and the Alliances Françaises

The French cultural network in Australia does not solely exist out of the French will to export its culture throughout the world. French cultural influence in Australia also comes from Australian nationals who created the first Alliance Française in Australia more than a century ago (Melbourne, 1890).

There are now 31 AFs scattered throughout Australia. They are places where one can get to know more about France and its language, its arts, its literature, its cuisine, its technology, its tourism, etc.

The Cultural Section of the Embassy of France in Canberra is one of the main sponsors of the Alliances Françaises. Committed to French cultural policy, the Alliances Françaises also implement a number of Cultural Section projects throughout Australia. They form a vast quality network dedicated to French culture. The larger Alliances Françaises are particularly involved in promoting French culture and liaise with Australian organisers of festivals and producers. They organise a French Film Festival, more and more successful every year.

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